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The King Valley wine district is also a highly recognised destination for wine lovers with over 25 wineries producing world class wines. The King Valley wineries are renowned for producing some Italian heritage wines due to Italian families arriving in the region after WW2. The Italian heritage wines you can expect in the King Valley include award winning Proseccos, Sangioveses and Pinot Grigio along with other Italian heritage varieties.

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Rutherglen is a recognised destination for wine lovers with over 20 award winning wineries some vines being planted over 150 years ago and still tendered by descendants of the original winemaking pioneers. Rutherglen boasts world class rich reds, sparkling reds, excellent crisp whites and sensational world beating fortified wines including luscious Muscats, Topaques, Ports and arguably produces the best Durif in the world.


The Beechworth region again has over 20 wineries in the region, earning national and international recognition for extraordinary character in their Chardonnay, Shiraz and Pinot.

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